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The Best Seasonal Events and Festivals Near Lake Balaton

Welcome to the Sentio Villa Journal, we’re thrilled to share with you some of the vibrant and exciting seasonal events and festivals that make our region a top destination for travelers. Whether you’re planning a summer getaway or a cozy winter retreat, Lake Balaton offers many activities and celebrations that will enrich your stay at Sentio Villa.


Balaton Fesztivál (Balaton Festival)

Spring at Lake Balaton blossoms with the Balaton Fesztivál, a delightful celebration of music, dance, and local culture. This festival usually takes place in April and offers a fantastic opportunity to experience traditional Hungarian folk music and dance performances. Visitors can enjoy craft markets, local gastronomy, and various family-friendly activities.

Lavender Festival in Tihany

As spring progresses, the hills of Tihany are painted purple with blooming lavender fields. The Lavender Festival, held in June, celebrates this fragrant flower with lavender-picking events, artisan markets, and workshops on making lavender-based products. It’s a perfect event for nature lovers and those seeking a serene, aromatic experience.


Kékszalag (Blue Ribbon) Sailing Race

For a taste of tradition and sporting excitement, the Kékszalag Sailing Race is a highlight of the summer season. Held in July, it is Europe’s oldest and largest round-the-lake sailing competition. Thousands of sailors compete in this prestigious event, creating a spectacular scene of colorful sails on the lake. Visitors can enjoy the race from various vantage points along the shore.


Badacsony Wine Weeks

Autumn at Lake Balaton is synonymous with wine harvest time. The Badacsony Wine Weeks, held in September, celebrate the region’s rich winemaking heritage. Visitors can sample exquisite local wines, participate in grape-picking activities, and enjoy live music and cultural programs. It’s an excellent opportunity to savor the flavors of Balaton’s renowned wines and immerse yourself in the local viticulture.

Szigliget Castle Festival

October brings medieval charm to Lake Balaton with the Szigliget Castle Festival. This event features historical reenactments, knight tournaments, and traditional crafts in the picturesque setting of Szigliget Castle. Families and history enthusiasts will delight in the festival’s authentic atmosphere and engaging activities.


Advent at Lake Balaton

The festive season at Lake Balaton is marked by charming Advent markets and holiday celebrations. Towns around the lake, such as Balatonfüred and Keszthely, host Christmas markets featuring handmade crafts, local delicacies, and festive lights. Ice skating rinks and horse-drawn carriage rides add to the magical winter experience.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Ring in the New Year with style at Lake Balaton! Many lakeside towns and resorts host lively New Year’s Eve parties with fireworks, live music, and traditional Hungarian feasts. Whether you prefer a cozy evening by the fire or a grand celebration, Lake Balaton offers a memorable way to welcome the new year.

Plan Your Stay at Sentio Villa

At Sentio Villa, we are dedicated to providing our guests with an unforgettable experience. Our luxurious accommodations and prime location make it easy to enjoy all the seasonal events and festivals Lake Balaton has to offer. We invite you to book your stay with us and immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty of our region.